The world is our oyster, why choose HR?!

The world is our oyster, why choose HR?

Choosing a career in the 21st century is difficult. We have so much choice!

With STEM subjects at school and then a variety of subjects at a levels, university and the array of apprenticeships available; the world is our oyster.

My personal HR journey is that I studied the usual subjects at school, then selected maths, english and business for a-levels. The careers advice at school and college was poor – I had no guidance on what my career options were. I felt my only option was to attend university and study a broad topic – I selected Business Management.

A requirement of the university course I attended was to complete an internship. Again, with no support and guidance, the method I used to select an internship was ‘which university module did I enjoy most?’ – HR.

I was lucky enough to secure a HR placement at a large organisation and my opportunities and exposure has been why I have succeeded within my HR career in such a short space of time.

My journey is one path to HR; however there are also other paths which a number of my colleagues have successfully followed.

One path is to secure a HR apprenticeship – there are a number of successful apprenticeship schemes in HR which enable you to study your CIPD and learn HR on the job. An apprenticeship is so valuable. You get to work in a live environment alongside experienced colleagues while learning the key skills to move your career and learning forward.

To apply for an apprenticeship, visit the GOV.UK apprenticeship website.

An alternate option is to study your CIPD before securing a HR role or once you have secured a HR role. This option will allow you to secure the theoretical knowledge before or while you experience the world of HR. This route is also flexible with evening classes, distance learning or online learning for people who require flexibility. Once you have completed the course you will be a recognised CIPD professional with a qualification. It is important to note that some organisations will fund this route.

Find out more from the CIPD website about the range of qualifications and your study options.

So why choose a career in HR?

A role in HR is exciting, everyday is different. Not only do you get to interact with people everyday, you get to meet different people. Connecting with various personalities and backgrounds keeps you on your toes and you learn so much about others, but most importantly how to vary your style.

Being in HR allows you to create value for an organisation and/or individual. There is a weird little feeling of satisfaction that you get when you find that synergy between business and people.

I’ve experienced how you can improve organisations and teams. But, there is something really fulfilling about improving someone’s career and seeing your hard work and commitment come to fruition.

If you are looking to progress your HR career or even kick start your HR career – please get in touch, I’d be happy to chat.

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